Change to Kidney Care Guideline Could Address Racial Disparities in Renal Outcomes

Medica is asking doctors to stop using the most common method to diagnose and assess the severity of kidney disease. The health plan says the current approach overestimates kidney function in people with African ancestry and leads to worse outcomes.

Innovative Partnership With Startup to Make Traffic Stops Safer for Drivers and Police

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is teaming up with TurnSignl as part of a five-year strategy with the City of Brooklyn Center that aims to improve racial and health equity. The pilot program will provide up to 3,000 residents free access to the TurnSignl app.

Employees Step Up to be Ambassadors for Health Equity to Educate Colleagues

HealthPartners has mobilized a grassroots movement to help close gaps in health care outcomes. More than 350 HealthPartners changemakers are educating colleagues and rooting out bias to ensure members and patients receive evidence-based care and exceptional service.

Team Fights Inequities in Health Care Outcomes Using Their ‘People Power’

The 15-plus member group is focusing on COVID response, but also screens for medical issues, mental health and substance use disorders or other social needs that may be adversely affected by the pandemic. The team also provides education and support for COVID-19 prevention, testing and vaccination.

Members Achieve Their Health Goals With Help of Dedicated Staffers

Sanford uses Health Guides and Health Navigators to identify member challenges and develop solutions to connect them to the resources they need. They help with financial and prescription assistance, identify barriers and help members build relationships with care teams.

What the Latest Reinsurance Deal Means for Minnesotans

The Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Tim Walz recently took decisive action to pass an extension of the reinsurance program before the April 1 deadline. The impact of the program varies, but in real dollars, Minnesotans in the individual market will be paying between $500 and $4,600 less than they otherwise would pay without reinsurance. 

VIDEO: How Care Coordination Reduces Hospitalizations, Emergency Room Visits

By helping to coordinate preventive health care and explaining medical instructions for patients with complex and chronic physical and mental conditions, care coordination can reduce the use of the emergency room or readmission to the hospital. Watch the video to learn more.

VIDEO: How Care Coordination Supports Transgender, Non-Binary Members

For the transgender and non-binary community, significant health inequities exist. Alex Jackson Nelson, a gender services consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, helps transgender and non-binary members navigate the system. Watch the video to learn more.

VIDEO: How Care Coordination Addresses the Social Drivers of Health

Through working with members on the social drivers of health like food security, housing, income, transportation and education, Minnesota’s nonprofit health plans are helping to improve overall health outcomes for thousands of Minnesotans. Watch the video to learn more.