Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A Session with Blue Cross of Minnesota’s Bukata Hayes

Bukata Hayes, VP of Racial & Health Equity for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, has spent 20 years advocating for racial and social justice. His role was created to serve as an advisor and partner, helping leaders effect lasting change and apply a racial and equity lens to every aspect of the organization.

Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A with UCare’s Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio and Pleasant Radford, Jr.

Dr. Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, Chief Medical Officer for UCare, and Pleasant Radford, Jr., Health Equity Officer for UCare, are creating bridges that will bring about better care for diverse populations. UCare is looking at everything from provider engagement to their internal functions to ensure equity.

Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A Session With Dr. Abbie Miller of PreferredOne

Dr. Abbie Miller, PreferredOne’s Chief Medical Officer, has placed an acute focus on health equity. As a physician, she knows firsthand how critical it is to address health disparities in a meaningful way to improve patient outcomes.

Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A Session with Hennepin Health’s Michael Webber

Michael Webber, Hennepin Health’s Analytics and Health Economics Manager, works directly with vulnerable communities to find solutions that will enable better health care. This involves intentional listening, learning — and doing.

Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A Session with Dr. Patrick Courneya of HealthPartners

Dr. Patrick Courneya, Chief Health Plan Medical Officer for HealthPartners, and his team are making major changes to address health disparities in Minnesota. This includes building an antiracist culture at HealthPartners and increasing the diversity of health plan leadership by 100%.

Ensuring Equity for All: A Q&A Session with Medica’s Cara Broich

Recognizing how pervasive health disparities are in our state, health plans like Medica are looking at everything from workforce diversity and training to ways in which they can better deliver care and access to communities of color.