Minnesota Council of Health Plans

  • 2019 premium requests for Minnesotans who buy their own insurance
  • The team at Hennepin Health changes how it treats addiction.
  • Employers like the U of M find savings, employee satisfaction with ACOs

Health insurance: how it works in 1 minute, 26 seconds. 

Can't find your health insurance card? 

Do you need to:

  • refill a prescription?
  • schedule a doctor’s appointment?
  • go to Urgent Care or the ER?
  • confirm you have health insurance?

 Here's what to do when you need care and don't have your card:

Contact your health insurer’s customer service team. If the insurer has your enrollment, you may be able to receive your ID number, a temporary ID card or online ID card. If you signed up toward the end of the month your selected health insurer may not know you have enrolled. Call the company to find out.