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Jim Schowalter

Jim Schowalter


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All Care is Local

You do stories every week about decisions that shape the care Minnesotans get. The big policy discussions may be happening in Washington, D.C., and St. Paul, the reality is all care is local. We’re working to make the far away conversations understandable at home, county by county.

All Care Is Local

Current Issues

Information on local changes for Medicare, including an Excel file of enrollment by county and type of Medicare and details on who will see changes and who won’t in your community.

See our thoughts on other current issues.

Essentials of Health Policy Sourcebook

Solid background information. The key to using this information in reporting is our first link, All Care is Local. How health policies are implemented vary across the country, and even within states. National sources hold a wealth of information, but often, Minnesota rules, laws and unique approach to health policy mean things are a bit different here.

Essentials of Health Policy Sourcebook

Association of Health Care Journalists

AHCJ‘s focus is the “quality, accuracy and visibility of health care reporting, writing and editing.” More than 1,500 members help each other cover the beat.

Health Care Costs: A Reporter's Toolkit

An oldie but a goodie, at least when it comes to understanding the basics: Premiums are expensive because care is expensive.

Health Care Costs: A Reporter’s Toolkit

Health News Review

You’ll find tips and tools for analyzing health care claims and a critical review of stories in the media. (Not claims as in medical bills/insurance claims. You’ll get help analyzing what’s said in the news releases in your inbox.)

Health News Review