Population Health Management Strategy



Project Goals

To engage members in better managing their health across the continuum of care from preventive measures and wellness screenings – to chronic disease management. 

Project Description

PreferredOne has a cohesive plan of action for addressing member needs across the continuum of care.  PreferredOne has a comprehensive strategy for population health management.  Some examples include the following:

  • Keeping members healthy – PreferredOne offers our members online health tools and lifestyle management programs (HealthWise), a fitness center program and on demand fitness programming (WellBeats), childhood immunization coverage, tobacco cessation program (Optum), and a health risk assessment tool (Advantage Health/Wellsource).
  • Managing members with emerging risk – PreferredOne has a Medication Therapy Management Program (Fairview Pharmacy Services) for Type I or II diabetes patients who are taking a statin and who are not at least 80% compliant with their medication.
  • Patient safety or outcomes across settings – PreferredOne has an Admission Transition Management Program for members who have an inpatient mental health hospitalization (diagnoses including, but not limited to, psychoses and depression) and are discharged from the hospital.
  • Managing multiple chronic illnesses – PreferredOne has Case Management Programs for members who have complex, and/or multiple conditions such as cancer, stroke, kidney or liver disease, transplants, spinal cord/traumatic brain injury and depression/mental health issues.

Entities Involved

PreferredOne, HealthWise, WellBeats, Advantage Health/Wellsource, Fairview Pharmacy Services, and network practitioners/health care systems.

How Health Plans Support the Project

PreferredOne collaborates with our partner entities to provide individuals with support and tools to manage their overall health. 


Kristi Schmidley

Director, Care Transformation