Medically Tailored Meals



Project Goals

The goal of offering medically tailored meals following discharge from an institutional setting (i.e. hospital, skilled nursing facility, etc.) is to provide healthy meals that promote continued healing, thereby reducing the likelihood of re-admission.   For members who have a chronic condition, the goal of the medically tailored meals program  is to help members build their understanding of healthy eating by choosing and eating healthy meal options while working with a nutrition coach to expand their skills and adopt practices to keep themselves healthy.

Project Description

Many Seniors have never talked with a nutritionist or learned about the important role nutritional foods play in their optimal health and wellbeing.  Additionally, cooking nutritional meals after returning home following a hospitalization or short term stay in a nursing facility may be taxing.    To help our MSHO members obtain healthy meals while learning about nutrition, we have made home delivered meals available for up to two four weeks following a discharge from an institutional setting, and for up to 12 weeks if the member has an identified chronic condition.  Nutritional education is also provided to the members along with their meals.

Entities Involved

Blue Plus is partnering with Open Arms, a nonprofit that cooks and delivers nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening illnesses, on this work.

How Health Plans Support the Project

Blue Plus has contracted with Open Arms to offer two medically-tailored meal programs available as a supplemental benefit to MSHO members.

Additional Information

More information about Open Arms is available at 


Karla Kosel