Karibu Mama Mtoto Project



Project Goals

To increase participation in mental health and parenting support services for African American pregnant and postpartum women and families. To improve prenatal care, post-partum care and well-child visits for healthy births for enrolled and engaged participants.

Project Description

The Mama Mtoto program uses a psychotherapy support group structure to teach positive coping behaviors, self-regulation and child-management skills, as well as to cultivate secure family attachment. Individual therapy is provided for individuals with co-occurring behavioral health disorders.

A diagnostic assessment is completed to evaluate trauma-related circumstances and mood disorders, as well as ACE and Urban ACE scores. Common themes from the ACE/Urban ACE Assessments include homelessness, sexual violence, family member incarceration, behavioral health, lack of social support, chemical abuse and un/under-employment.

The Circle began on April 25, 2018, with 43 women enrolled through December 2018. The program is integrated into NorthPoint Medical and Behavioral health clinics.

Entities Involved

North Point Health and Wellness, Hennepin Healthcare, Hennepin County Public Health, Hennepin County Human Services.

How Health Plans Support the Project

Hennepin Health funded the Karibu Mama Mtoto project through Innovation Reinvestment in 2018.


Hillary Hume

Director, Clinical Innovation

Hennepin Health



Stella Whitney-West


NorthPoint Health and Wellness