​Improving Comprehensive Diabetes Care Performance Improvement Project


Project Goals

Six health plans–Blue Plus, Health Partners, Hennepin Health Medica, South Country Health Alliance, and UCare–launched the Diabetes performance improvement project in the spring of 2021. Interventions will include working with care coordinators, providers, and partners to improve comprehensive diabetes care, with a particular focus on reducing ethnic and racial disparities.

Project Description

This project will seek to decrease the health disparity gap in the HEDIS® comprehensive diabetes care and the blood pressure control measure year-over-year from 2021 thru 2023 for MSHO, SNBCI and SNBC populations. The project will also reduce disparities by improving member’s self-management of their diabetes through evidence-based programs to address the many factors that influence health, such as access to nutritious foods and options for physical activity – through a collaborative approach between health care and non-health care to address the social and environmental factors that affect vulnerable populations.

Entities Involved

Blue Plus, Health Partners, Hennepin Health Medica, South Country Health Alliance, and UCare

How Health Plans Support the Project

The nonprofit Minnesota health plans serving Minnesota Health Care Program members are leading this work. This collaboration enables us to bring resources and education to the provider community, which increases buy-in by diminishing duplicative messaging to providers.

Additional Information

Visit the Collaboratives website at https://stratishealth.org/health-plan-performance-improvement-projects-pips/pip-improving-comprehensive-diabetes-care/ for more detailed information.