Healthy Pregnancy Program 



Project Goals

To promote optimal birth outcomes.

Project Description

Medica’s Healthy Pregnancy Program is a family-centered model that supports the health of pregnant women and their babies in partnership with the health care provider. Within the Healthy Pregnancy Program, Medica provides pregnancy case management services. We also work with community health workers, public health nurses and universal home visiting staff to meet the clinical, social and behavioral health needs of pregnant women, new mothers and their babies. Pregnancy case management services aim to promote better birth outcomes through several activities, including:

  • clinical, social and behavioral health attention in their homes;
  • transportation coordination to help alleviate barriers;
  • monitoring of pregnant women for high-risk pregnancies, including opioid misuse;
  • monitoring for new mothers—including those afflicted with postpartum depression—and their babies;
  • monitoring member utilization and gaps, then sharing screening gaps with counties to support intervention; and
  • developing a more complete picture of member needs, strengths and challenges.

As part of the program, Medica also leverages mobile technology solutions to increase and encourage a mother’s access to pregnancy-related educational information at the various stages of pregnancy and post-partum.

Entities Involved

Medica, county public health nurses, community health workers, universal home visiting staff.

How Health Plans Support the Project

Medica works collaboratively with community partners to assess and address care and service coordination needs for pregnant mothers.

Additional Information

Healthy Pregnancy Member Workbook


Diana Hilgers, Case Manager

Kimberly Hennen, Case Manager