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Get Insurance

Of course you want your insurer to help pay your medical bills, but what else should you expect for the premiums you pay each month? Help staying healthy. Your insurer can help you:
  • Get doctor appointments
  • Make sure everyone who is caring for you works together when you have a serious illness or injury
  • Manage stress
  • Get active
  • Eat better
  • Stop smoking and chewing
  • Manage your weight
  • And more. Be sure to ask!

How to shop

Kinds of insurance

Nearly 95 percent of Minnesotans have some type of health insurance to help them get care and pay medical bills. Learn more about each kind.

Where to get insurance

Need health insurance and can’t get it through work? Here are some options from companies that work with us.

First, think about your life and health
  • Are you 65 or have a disability (as defined by the federal government)? If so, shop for Medicare.
  • Minnesotans under 65 can get insurance on their own in three ways: buy it through MNsure or directly from an insurer; or if you qualify, get Medicaid or MinnesotaCare.
Makes some notes on what kind of care you usually get each year
  • Do you regularly take any prescription medications?
  • How many times a year do you usually get care? Are you someone who seems to get sick with strep throat or bronchitis or pink eye often?
  • How about something more serious like diabetes, COPD or other chronic conditions? How often to you get care for chronic conditions?
  • How much have your medical bills been in the past?
Think about paying for care
Would you rather pay more each month and less when you need care? Pay lower premiums each month but pay more of the medical bill when you’re sick or injured?

The answer to this question helps focus your search for policies labeled Gold, Silver or Bronze.

  • With policies that are called “Gold” you’ll pay more each month, but less when you get care.
  • With policies that are “Bronze” you’ll have the lowest monthly premium, but have to pay more when you need care.
  • Policies that are labeled “Silver” fall in between.
Search and compare your options
Here are topics to compare:

What policies include my doctor, clinic, hospital and pharmacy?
Insurers works with specific group of doctors, clinics, hospitals and others who provide care—it’s called a network. If you already have a doctor, hospital or clinic you want to keep, look for health insurance where its included. Usually, you pay less when you get care in network and more if your care is outside your network.

Does the policy cover me while traveling?
Some policies pay for general care when you’re away from home, others don’t. Care for true emergencies is often paid for wherever the emergency happens.

Does the policy work with a health savings account (HSA)?
This article does a good job explaining HSAs and how they work.

What does the policy include to help you get and stay healthy?

  • a 24-hour nurse line or online care?
  • how do the fitness center discounts work?
  • what kind of help is there to help you manage stress, quit smoking and eat healthy?
Sign up
Now’s the easy part. Sign up. These days, in Minnesota, you don’t have to worry about an illness you already have or medications you take to stay well. All you have to do is fill out the forms and pay your first monthly premium.

Hospital, clinic and prescription medication insurance mostly for people 65 and older. Hospital is called Part A, Medical Part B and Prescription medications Part D.

You can get Medicare several general ways:

  • Medicare Advantage, you get hospital, clinic and medication with one card. You’ll also have help getting appointments and making sure everyone who cares for you works together. And you’ll often get things like a gym membership that isn’t available with Original Medicare.
  • Medicare Cost, works similar to Medicare Advantage, with or without including prescription drugs under the same card.
  • Original Medicare, helps pay for care at hospitals and clinics. You buy help paying for prescription medications separately.
    •  Supplement, or Medigap, policies are available from private companies to help you pay for part of your bill for care.

There are a lot of details. Like with any insurance policy, not everything is covered. You can learn more here.

Buy on my own
Through work
Medicaid, for people under 65
Medicaid for people who have disabilities or are over 65

Medicaid & MinnesotaCare

Buy on your own

Hennepin Health
All Medicaid & MinnesotaCare in Hennepin County

Medicaid for people 65 & older or who have disabilities

Buy on your own

Buy on your own

All Medicaid & MinnesotaCare

Buy on your own


Free help is available

There are a lot of places online to get free help figuring out what kind of insurance may work best for you. You don’t have to buy from the organizations to use these tools:

MNsure’s online guide

Bridge to Benefits


Insurance navigators and brokers and help make getting insurance easier. Brokers are listed on health insurer websites and are paid by the insurer. MNsure also works with navigators and brokers.