Chronic Disease Management Programs 



Project Goals

To engage members in better managing their chronic illnesses.

Project Description

Medica’s Disease Management program identifies member populations with diabetes, heart conditions and obesity who may benefit from disease management using Health Risk Assessment (HRA) elements and data analytics. Medica conducts outreach to enroll these members in a disease management program. Once enrolled, the program includes several types of interventions to maintain member engagement. One component of this program is the use of ActiveHealth. The ActiveHealth platform offers content, programming and support in a variety of ways, including telephonic, web-based programs, mobile apps, and via telephonic group coaching to support members’ management of their chronic conditions and/or tobacco use.

During 2018, Medica’s Disease Management Program engaged approximately 400 MSHO and MSC+ members in programs targeted around asthma, diabetes, heart disease and tobacco cessation. Over 330 of those members partnered with a nurse coach over the phone for ongoing support to improve their own health outcomes and chronic condition self-management. The remaining members engaged in a program providing the members with online resources to help manage their condition.

Results from broader satisfaction surveys from ActiveHealth demonstrated a 96% satisfaction rate, with 74% of participants saying they’re “very satisfied.”

Entities Involved

Medica, ActiveHealth Disease Management.

How Health Plans Support the Project

Medica collaborates with ActiveHealth to provide individuals with support and tools to manage chronic conditions.


Dr. Stacy Ballard

Sr. Medical Director