Community Baby Showers



Project Goals

The goal of these “Community Baby Shower” workshops are to reach pregnant mothers during their first trimester in order to allow them to maximize their benefits; provide education and connect pregnant mothers to the Blue Plus programs and services including the maternity case management program. Through this program, expectant mothers can also connect with public health workers, community health workers and other health professionals who can help them navigate challenges that arise in pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. 

Project Description

These workshops provide access to resources to help mothers get the support they need from all angles both during and after their pregnancy.  The program provides education and builds the relationships between expectant mothers and their health plan, as well as connects them with available community resources.  The showers have the added benefit for bringing communities together to celebrate the addition of new family members. The success of these workshops are measured through post event member surveys. The survey information is also used to provide continuous improvement actives.

Entities Involved

Introduced as a pilot in 2017, the Blue Plus “Community Baby Shower” workshops were implemented through a collaborative partnership approach with community-based organizations, public health and community clinics in various diverse communities. 

How Health Plans Support the Project

Blue Plus has partnered with community organizations, clinics and public health agencies.



Va Yang

Community Outreach Specialist