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Protecting the mental health and wellness of Minnesotans is a top priority, especially given the pandemic. PreferredOne has had a longstanding commitment in facilitating access to mental health and substance abuse services as part of its focus on complete health and wellness for members.

In 2020, PreferredOne extended its focus through a new partnership with Pear Therapeutics and its two digital products, reSET and reSET-O. reSET is a 12-week, FDA-authorized digital treatment that helps people abstain from substance abuse; reSET-O, for opioid-use disorder, is a 12-week, FDA-authorized digital treatment that is designed to help people stay in their program longer.

PreferredOne became the first health plan in Minnesota and one of the first in the nation to include digital therapeutics for members with this family of disorders. Initial response from providers and from members has been very positive.

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