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Project Goals

To increase physical activity and fruit-and-vegetable consumption. To decrease recreational screen time and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. To create an environment of healthy eating and active living by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Project Description

Since 2009, HealthPartners has promoted fun and engaging messages about eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as getting more physical activity. Their original yumPower initiative strived to create a social movement around eating better. That program has now evolved and expanded into PowerUp, which covers both diet and exercise.

School Challenge Toolkit: The PowerUp School Challenge encourages students to eat more fruits and vegetables via fun and engaging in-class activities, while also helping school administrators create healthy environmental changes that will have a long-term impact. Since the program started in 2012, more than 45,000 kids have participated.

PowerUp Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions: For over three years, HealthPartners has provided $10 fruit-and-vegetable “prescriptions” for pediatric patients (age 2-17) during summer well-child visits across all HealthPartners pediatric primary care locations. In addition to the prescription, the care team discusses the importance of fruit-and-vegetable consumption, and provides an educational take-home piece containing family recipe ideas and tips for better eating. Each year, approximately 25,000 of these pieces are distributed across 57 locations. 

BearPower and PowerUp in the Valley Initiatives: These partnerships with schools, county public health organizations, businesses and nonprofit organizations help create healthier eating environments and open up more opportunities for physical activity. The initiatives collaborate directly with local State Health Improvement Programs (SHIPs) in the four SHIP strategies of schools, community, workplace and health care. The work has included redesigning food shelves to increase and promote healthy food options, fruit and vegetable “prescriptions” in clinics, and to develop and implement healthier school environment policies.

School Change Toolkit: PowerUp promotes consistent messages and healthy strategies in the places where our children live, learn and play. If kids and families are exposed to consistent messaging across the community supported by healthy policies and environments, then those kids and families will be better equipped to make healthy choices and sustain them. This toolkit shares effective school-based strategies to help kids eat well and be active, as well as provides a framework for how to use these messages and make change on behalf of kids.    

Worksite Toolkit: HealthPartners developed a toolkit to help worksites and the public make better food and beverage choices. With the help of top research, public health and behavioral economics experts, the toolkit provides easy turnkey resources communities can use to make effective, evidence-based changes. The toolkit provides resources to assess and implement change, including information on getting commitment and support; creating policies, guidelines and recommendations; vendor tips and communication; environmental change strategies; pricing strategies; and employee and public communication printables. The toolkit and all resources are completely free to access and use.

Organizational and Community Food Environment Change: Although personal behavior is important in preventing obesity, HealthPartners is also a strong advocate for healthier food and beverage policies, systems and environmental changes. By making the healthy choice the easy choice, we can remove barriers to obesity prevention. Over the past 10 years, HealthPartners has worked to improve the food and beverage environment internally and externally. They have created and refined several vending selection improvement change programs that are implemented across their locations, as well as within HealthPartners’ insured employers. 

Entities Involved

The Minnesota Academy of Pediatricians, Washington County Public Health, Lakeview Hospital Foundation, HealthPartners and Park Nicollet Clinics, Cub Foods.

How Health Plans Support the Project

HealthPartners engages members, patients and the community through social media content, health education information and on-the-ground programs for employers, the community and schools across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. 

Additional Information

School challenge materials are available via free download at: https://www.healthpartners.com/hp/healthy-living/powerup-teacher/

School Change Toolkit: https://www.powerup4kids.org/?id=1067&sid=4

Environmental scan and guidance toolkit: https://www.healthpartners.com/employer-public/home/toolkits/yumpower/


Thia Bryan

Community Health and Wellbeing Partnership Manager


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