Minnesota Council of Health Plans Board begins search for new leader

Minnesota Council of Health Plans announced today that Jim Schowalter has resigned as the organization’s president and chief executive officer. Council Board Chair Mark Traynor said the search for Schowalter’s successor will begin immediately.

“We thank Jim for his collaborative leadership and commitment to creating a space where Council members put aside competitive concerns and look at how Minnesotans get care and how we can do better, Traynor said. “Challenges facing Minnesotans who need care continue, and fortunately we have a strong, experienced team at the Council who will continue our work.”

In March, Schowalter will join HealthPartners as senior vice president of provider partnerships.

The Minnesota Council of Health is a 34-year effort to improve care for Minnesotans. Together, with others in the community, we work to solve problems that are in the way of making sure we get the care we need now and in the future.