Minnesota Department of Human Services

For nearly three decades partnerships among state government and local nonprofit HMOs ensure more Minnesotans have guaranteed access to doctors and providers as members insured by MNDeptofHumanServicesemployers. Gone are the days when people covered by Medical Assistance couldn’t receive care near their home. Minnesota plans have an established history aligning goals and payments to health care providers to achieve better outcomes at a lower cost. The state is able to leverage that expertise in administering its public programs, including Medicaid and MinnesotaCare, along with programs designed to coordinate care and improve the health of people who are elderly or have a disability, and have coverage through Medicare and Medicaid.

Data show better performance on a number of quality measures and care is coordinated, quality is improved, and costs are lower than in a traditional fee-for-service or completely government-run model. In addition to increased access, health plans offer a number of services including general health education, condition-specific support and services, administrative expertise, and services for physicians and clinics.