Community Partners

Minnesota’s health care model is admired across the United States as an efficient, high quality system. There are many reasons for this and one important component is that Minnesotans work together toward common goals.harvest

Whether it is showing up to help a neighbor bring in the cops or grabbing a shovel to clear out snow, Minnesotans know we get the best results when we work together.

shoveling snowCollaboration among the health plans, hospitals and clinics, and the State of Minnesota has resulted in a system which ranks high in quality and access and low in cost. Our common goal is to improve the health of Minnesotans while making our health care system more efficient. At MCHP we work to ensure affordable coverage and quality care by embracing three strategies to carry out our work—policy development, industry leadership and collaboration.
Collaboration is a key component of Minnesota’s success because it improves the health of our population, improves health care delivery, improves access to care, and reduces long-term health
care costs.

This section provides some highlights of how collaboration drives health system improvements across Minnesota, working with community groups and providers, in the areas of transparency and payment reform, improving quality, administrative simplification, community health and prevention, and government health care programs.