Getting insurance, getting care

where mn get insurance donut graphicAlmost all Minnesotans have health insurance

  • 96 percent of all Minnesotans have some type of health insurance: 56 percent have insurance through work, 6 percent buy it on their own and 33 percent have Medicare, MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance paid in part by state or federal government. (Source: MDH/SHADAC.) Today 4 percent of Minnesotans still need health insurance.
  • Federal health care reforms helped make it easier for people to get insurance and this increased the number of people who buy it themselves. It is easier, too, to get Medicaid insurance. Now to qualify, only our income counts. Our financial assets (savings accounts, land) no longer help determine if we can get Medicaid. Coverage and public programs coverage grew from 11 percent in 1993 to 17 percent in 2015. And Minnesotans are getting older meaning more of us have Medicare insurance, up to 17 percent in 2015 from 14 percent in 1993. The most significant shift is in the number of employers who self-fund their insurance, from 29 percent in 1993 to more than percent in 2015. This coverage neither follows state laws on what has to be covered nor odes it pay state health care premium taxes and most federal health care premium taxes.
  • Enrollment in new insurance options showed Minnesotans buying a variety of options, with fewer than 1 in 4 selecting Bronze coverage.  In all, 16 percent of people who buy health insurance on their own buy it through MNsure, the state’e health insurance exchange.
  • In 2015, enrollment in Minnesota Health Care Programs (Prepaid Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, Minnesota Disability Health Options, Minnesota Senior Health Options and Minnesota Senior Care) sponsored by Council members topped 760,298.