ECHO is as a leader in multi-language health, safety, civic engagement and emergency readiness communication, bridging the gap for immigrants and refugees in Minnesota. Through close collaborations withECHO health and safety experts, bilingual community leaders and talented spokespersons, ECHO crafts high quality programming for television and radio broadcast and phone, print, web, DVD and partner relay distribution. The work is designed to:

  • Reduce disparities in health care for immigrant and refugee communities that face higher infant mortality, higher rates of diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and shorter life spans.
  • Promote preventive care by raising awareness of some of the most serious and costly diseases facing all Minnesotans.
  • Increase access to life-saving emergency information by facilitating efficient mass-media messaging in multiple languages.
  • Facilitate the transition to life in Minnesota for immigrants and refugees, by providing civic engagement to help new Americans integrate successfully into our communities.
  • Ensure that over half-a-million limited English-speaking Minnesotans have access to the information they need to make informed decisions affecting their well-being.