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Health care systems like Sanford Health are more than doctors, hospitals and clinics. They are members of their patients’ communities — and neighbors take care of one another.

With this in mind, Sanford Health and Sanford Health Plan have launched an integrated service in Health Guides, a bridge between patients, communities and the health care services they provide. Sanford Health Guides are passionate about health, wellness and supporting those with complex needs. The Sanford team helps patients navigate complex systems and situations more simply.

Health Guides are the patients’ health care advocates and can serve in a variety of functions — attending appointments to facilitate communication, assisting with paperwork, providing wellness education, identifying and removing barriers to health care and much more. Life gets complicated. Sanford Health Guides help make it a little simpler and ensure that patients overcome obstacles on their path to better health. For more information, visit sanfordhealthplan.com.