Lucas Nesse

Lucas Nesse


Council president Lucas Nesse is passionate about making Minnesota a better place to live. He worked for state government early in his career and most recently directed health policy and grassroots advocacy for the Minnesota Business Partnership. He has led the Council since October 2019.

Nesse earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Gustavus Adolphus College and his Juris Doctor Degree from William Mitchell College of Law. He lives in Lake Elmo with his wife and two children.

Council news


  • Minnesota Health Insurers Announce Plans for Coverage of COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

    The Minnesota Council of Health Plans announced today that Minnesota’s nonprofit health plans are voluntarily waiving cost-sharing for COVID-19 in-patient treatment for enrollees as part of a framework to support and protect the health of Minnesotans amid the COVID-19 outbreak.   “The health and safety of Minnesotans are the highest priorities of the nonprofit plans […]

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  • Council releases 2019 industry financial results

    Minnesota’s seven nonprofit health plans continued supporting Minnesotans’ access to affordable, quality care in 2019, paying $13.98 billion in medical bills on behalf of 2.4 million people enrolled in fully insured or government programs, the Minnesota Council of Health Plans announced today.   Collectively, plans had an operating gain of 1.4 percent of revenue. As […]

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  • Minnesota Health Insurers Take Action to Support Enrollees During COVID-19 Outbreak

    Minnesota’s nonprofit health plans are taking action to safeguard the health of Minnesotans amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including eliminating cost-sharing for enrollees who need testing, expanding telehealth access and instituting several other measures to ensure broad access to care.

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