News Release Archive

“Health Care Leaders Issue Statement on Gov. Pawlenty’s Executive Order” – August 2010

“Minnesota Council of Health Plans names, new board chair, president”– August 2010

“Minnesota’s nonprofit health plan industry’s annual report shows
health care cost increases continued, enrollment shifted in 2009”
– April 2010

“Minnesota Council of Health Plans names new board chair, president”– August 2009

“Minnesota health plans reserves, investment income down; Operations break even after $230 million of losses in past 3 years; Medical care spending, enrollment increase” – April 2009

“Health plan premiums fall short of expenses for third year;
Reserves help to fill hole; Taxes reach nearly $219 million”

April 2008

“New report offers comprehensive look at mental health in Minnesota; More than one in 10 Minnesotans diagnosed with a mental illness”February 2008

“MN Council of Health Plans announces initiative to enroll uninsured residents; More than 244,000 Minnesotans potentially qualify” – January 2008

First-in-the-nation health care billing policy announced in Minnesota”– September 2007

“Enrollment assistance coming for uninsured Minnesotans; Health plans invest $450,000 in support” – June 2007

Medical costs up 12%; Industry report second year of operating losses” – April 2007

Diagnostic imaging, prescription drugs, emergency room spending rise sharply” – December 2006

Medical spending top premium increase; health plans post operating loss in 2005” – March 2006

Health plans’ new credentialing process a hit with providers” – January 2006

HMO premium taxes, assessment increase 51%; Enrollment moves toward flexible products” – April 2005

Medical spending slows in 2003” – April 2004

“Spending for patient care continues to increase; Health plans spend nearly $6 billion on care in 2002” – April 2003

“Brunner to lead health plan association” – November 2002

“State’s health plans in the black; Minnesotans spent $5 billion for care in 2001” – March 2002

“Health plans end four years of financial losses” – March 2001