Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative

One of the health plan’s most important roles is to ensure health care providers in their network are licensed, qualified and contracted to provide care. This work involves looking at where doctors or other providers went to school, where they worked previously, what their specific certification and licenses are and other information to ensure individuals meet the health plan’s quality standards. MCC Logo 1

Minnesota’s health plans have simplified this sometimes repetitive work. The Minnesota Council of Health Plans, in partnership with the Minnesota medical and hospital association, developed a centralized, web-based clearinghouse  web-based clearinghouse for information used in the credentialing process. Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative (MCC) is an online, easy-to-use way to prepare, save and send the credentialing application that’s accepted by Minnesota health plans and participating hospitals. The web-based application is available to all practitioners, clinics, hospitals and health plans. Find out more.