Improving public health

Every five years Minnesota’s health plans submit a plan to the commissioner of health describing how they will collaborate with community health boards and other organizations to achieve high-priority public health goals. Today, health plans engage in many collaborative activities to achieve public health goals.Webinar Those activities and the plans’ partnerships are outlined in the 2015-2019 combined collaboration plan. Be sure to download  Section 6  separately—it  lists health plan representatives on more than 100 public-health focused committees and organizations.

Recently the Council of Health Plans conducted a webinar to help public health staff:

  • Identify health plan resources that complement Community Health Improvement Program (CHIP) efforts and public health accreditation activities
  • Discuss existing and future opportunities for regional and local partnerships that support implementation of county CHIPs
  • Review the highlights of the Minnesota Health Plan Collaboration Plan, and the list of health plan representatives public-health focused committees and organizations.

Download the webinar, Implementing Community Health Improvement Plans: Ways to Partner with Health Plans.